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  According to predictions from global tourism industry experts Southeast Asia tourism is developing more rapidly than any other region in the World. Experts predict that China alone has the potential to become the number one tourism destination in the World by the year 2015. Other Asian countries enjoying explosive growth in Tourism Visitation include such destinations as Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, VietNam and Laos. The hotels and entertainment grounds in these markets will also follow the modernization and upgrade of service and high quality facilities to complement this growth. The design of furniture, various styles of decoration, and the upgrade of management systems are all a part of the infrastructure investments and improvements taking place in this rapidly developing market.
  This furniture fair is a tailor-made event designed to highlight the South East Asia entertainment industry and hotel and hospitality furniture and fixtures manufacturers and designers. The explosive growth in spending to keep up with the rapid pace of improvement necessitates an event for linking these manufacturers and designers with the Hospitality industry developers and buyers in Southeast Asia.

  Macau, similar to Las Vegas and Monte Carlo, is now well known as one of the premier Gaming Tourism cities in the World. With more than 30 top grade casinos and hotels, Macau has been developing at a very rapid pace. The city is located at the centre of Southeast Asia, with direct connection to Asia’s largest market, Mainland China, and centrally located
between the North Asian markets of Japan, Korea, to the South Asian markets of Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia and Indonesia. There are more than 3000 top grade entertainment grounds and hotels in this region, with countless tens of thousands of additional properties being renovated and upgraded in the region.

  This furniture fair will mainly focus on the furniture that is used in the Hotel, Casino, Bar, Restaurant, Cinema, and Entertainment Complex industries, and aims to introduce the buyers from Southeast Asia, (Malaysia, Philippines, VietNam, and Indonesia) North Asia (Japan, Korea) and the Special Administrative Regions of Hong Kong, Macau, to the Manufacturers of these products.
   The 2011 International Casino and Hotel Furniture Fair will provide over 10,000 square meters of products where visitors can see the latest in quality design and manufacture. With an emphasis on the Hospitality and Casino furniture industry; this event will highlight the high quality, exquisite design, and tremendous variety of product available for purchase.