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[Shunde Briefing]
  Shunde is located in the middle of Zhujiang Delta Plain—in the South of Guangdong, on the north by Guangzhou, on the northwest by Foshan City Centre, on the east by Panyu, on the north by Nanhai, on the west by Xinhui and on the South by Zhongshan City. What's more, it's just 32 kilometers from Guangzhou, 127 km (69 nm) from Hong Kong, and 80 kilometers from macau.
  Shunde is in eastern longitude 113.01°and northern latitude between 22.40ºand 23.20º, with total areas of 806.15 square meters. In 2005, the population of Shunde has already reached 1,150,000, over 400,000 are the Overseas Chinese and Hong Kong and Macao residents.

[Administrative Division]

Daliang Town
  Daliang take the third-industry in first place, is a town in urban economy, which is leading the development of the industries and become an economic characteristic of Daliang. The development of Automobile, Real Estate, Commerce and Trade, Finance, Insurance, Telecommunications, Catering, Transportation, Storage and other industies have been in large scale, while information technology and high-tech industry is going to be in a thriving development as well. With strong consumption, there are some retailing magnates of the world, like Wal-Mart, Tesco, AEON, RT-Mart, Lotus have continuously entered into it. The resident population of Daliang is about 310,000.

  Ronggui is a well-known rich town and an important industry town over the country. There are several famous home appliances enterprises: Glanz, Macro, Vanward, Kelon, Rong Sheng, Wabo, Shunde, Hisense, Japan Panasonic, Taiwan Sakura, American AMP, Canada Northern Telecom; while also have famous enterprises for coatings, such as Huarun coating. Besides that, the third-industry is developing rapidly. In November 28, 2019, a title "The China's Mold City of Home Appliance" granted to Ronggui, which marks the mold industry of Ronggui has entered a new stage of development. Ronggui has 4 China famous brands, 22 famous brands of Guangdong Province, 11 famous products in China, 17 famous products in Guangdong Province. In 2008, a forum on "The 30th anniversay of China's Reform and Opening Up" was held in Beijing, Ronggui was the only awarded the title "The Famous Town of Chinese Brand Name", which marked its reginal brands economy has gradually built up. In April 28, 2019, Ronggui won the title as the first "Chinese Famouse Town for Bonsai", which marked its bonsai art culture had gradual promotion up. Resident population is 450,000, while registered population is about 195,700.

  Lunjiao Sub-district with a resident population of 76,000 and the pillar of economy are Woodworking Machinery (The biggest base for woodworking machinery base in South China) industry (eg, Mas), and Electronic and Computer industries (such as MiTAC), etc.; In October 2006 and May 2007, Lunjiao was respectively awarded the titles -- "The City of Chinese Wood Working Machinery" and "The City of China Glass Machinery".

  The registered population of Leliu is about 114,000. The industry is mainly in the processing industry of heavy machinery, small household appliance and hardware. The local enterprise – Donlim Group is an important production base of global kitchen small appliances. China Hardware Organization granted Leliu a title as " the Base of China Rail Industry" and "the Base of China Hinge Industry".

Chencun Town
  Chencun is the largest trading base of Flowers in China and given a name as "The First Town of Flowers in China" . There also has large-scale machinery market and logistics centre.

  It is famous as its household electrical appliances, such as Midea, Whirlpool, Sienhua, etc., while real estate is comparatively well-known, such as Country Garden, etc., with urbanization, greening and other aspects are at a leading position of Guangdong Province. In October of 2006, it was granted a title as "An Important Manufacturing Town of China for Household Electrical Appliances" by China Household Electrical Appliances Association and China National Light Industry Council.

  Lecong has big trading markets for furniture, steel and plastics, and become the nation-wide largest production base for beer bottle label, cigarette box and filter paper. Per capita savings is the highest in Shunde. And it turned to be a hot market for real estate after the several regions mergered to Foshan. In March 10, 2019, Lecong won a honorary title as The Chinese Only Region with Commercial Circulation Characteristic". In October of 2006, a plaque named "The Trade Capital of Chinese Plastics" was awarded to Lecong by China National Light Industry Council and China Plastics Processing Industry Association. Registered population is about 100 thousand, while mobile population is about 130 thousand.

  The development of furniture market in Longjiang can keep the pace with it in Lecong. The Industries of Plastic, furniture, textiles, small household appliance, beer and beverage are the main economy of Longjiang. In June of 2005, China National Light Industry Council and China Furniture Association granted Longjiang as "The Important Town for Chinese Furniture Manufacturing " and "The Capital for Chinese Furniture Materials". In 2008, it was given the title "The Capital for the Industry of Chinese Plastic Building Materials" by China Plastics Processing Industry Association. The resident population is about 91 thousand and the immigrant population is 70 thousand.

  Xingtan is the largest town in Shunde, with the total area of 121 square kilometers and a resident population of 123000, and 6 neighborhood committees and 24 village committees under its jurisdiction. There has a famous Guangdong Water Country -- Fengjian. Plastic, Electrical Appliances, Feed, Food, Textile Printing and Dyeing formed as the mainly industries there.

  Jun'an located in the southwest of Shunde, with a total area of 81.3 square kilometers and resident population of about 109,000. It mainly develops in clothing, chemical coatings, eco-tourism. And it becomes a nation-wide largest OEM production base of Jeans clothing, honorary famous as the City of Jeans in the world. Jun'an is a well-known home town of overseas Chinese. Over 40000 people lives in Macao, HK, Taiwan and overseas. The home town for the famous international Kungfu star--Bruce Lee is Jun'an. It is a historic town with profound cultural heritage, known as "The Home of Chinese Folk Art" and "The Home of Guangdong's Folk Art".
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