Brief Introduction of Company

Foshan World Exhibition Co., Ltd is a professional business promotion agency on large-scale and high quality international exhibition and an expert in exhibition service. The HQ is situated in Daliang, Shunde, and the Chancheng, Foshan Branch was set up on March, 2007. Zhongshan Branch is coming into existence on June, 2007.

Our company all along aims at professional and international development direction, and takes the principle of following the marketing orientation, paying all attention to the enterprises’ need, improving the customers’ service. For the years’ effort, we have been building up a high reputation in the industry.

Foshan World Exhibition Co., Ltd will keep on providing professional, comprehensive and standardizational services for the enterprises in Pearl River Delta, to develop their oversea markets. 
Our main businesses are: 1) as agent for famous international exhibitions, assist the enterprises who want to develop the oversea markets. 2) Assist the enterprises to register as the supplier of U.N procurement 3) Deputize for Import Management Right.4) Organize international business opportunity visit 5) Assist  the SME apply for exploiting oversea market fund in China. 6) Deputize for insurance of Export Credit and International Transportation. The legal representative Mr. Thomas Yu of our company usually leads enterprises of Shunde and Zhongshan to participate in different fairs in different business areas, for example, light, electric appliance, furniture, woodworking, glass mechanism ,building material ,toy , shoe , textile and so on .He knows much about how to exploit the oversea market for manufacturers.  Our company provides more professional and relative service for enterprises.
Till July 2007, FOSHAN WORLD EXHIBITION CO.,LTD has been established for more than 3 years . During this period, we have got many achievements and the business is developing quickly.  
Our service tenet is: Clients first, quality first.
In these 3 years, the achievement we obtain is hereinafter: 
1) In answer to spirit of Shunde Government support the enterprise to exploit the oversea market. We have organized 250 Enterprises in the Shunde area to register successfully UN procurement project.
2) Cooperate with the Guangdong Economic and Trade Institute, and organized several Trading Training Classes for the enterprises.

3) Organize ten enterprises to take part in professional oversea exhibitions.

4) We have assisted 41 enterprises to transact the procedure of import export managerial authority, whose procedures are really complicated.           
5) According to the points from Shunde Enterprises, We have given some suggestions for Enterprise and Media Conference  in Zhujiang Business Newspaper on 16 NOV. 2005. We cooperated with them, arranged the first Financing Exhibition in Shunde Guangdong.
The exhibitions we have ever cooperated with the organizers are:
     2003     Singapore, Malaysia International Furniture Fair
JUN  2004       China Fair 2004-England Trade and Investment Fair
SEP  2004       The 3rd Guangdong(China) Product (Vietnam) Fair
DEC  2004       The 2ND China Product (Bombay of India)
JAN  2005   COLOGNE (GERMANY) International Furniture Fair(IMM)
APR  2005  COLOGNE( GERMANY) International Woodworking Machine And       Furniture  Accessories  Fair (INTERZUM)
MAY  2005 Middle-East DUBAI Ineternational Home Appliance And Houseware
MAY  2005  MILAN ITALY International Electric and Electric Technology Fair
JUL  2005  CHINA Mechanical(VITMA) Fair
We have assisted to arrange the bellowing enterprises for fair and business investments:
1. SUN ELECTRICAL CO., LTD (Shunde ,Guangdong Province)
(The 2nd China Product ( BOMBAY INDIA) Fair)
(The 2nd CHINA Product ( Bombay of India) Fair)
(Chenchun, refrigeration equitment factory(Chencun, Shunde, Foshan city)
( The 3rd Guangdong(China) product (Vietnam) Fair))
4. F.S.D furniture CO., LTD (Lechong,Shunde, Foshan city)
(COLOGNE (GERMANY) International Furniture Fair(IMM))
5. XINYIYE Tape Weaving CO.,LTD (Huanglian, Shunde ,Foshan City)
(Nov 2005 Middle-east DUBAI International Furniture Fair)
6. TUODAO Nail Manufacture (Shunde, Foshan City)
(Nov 2005 Middle-east DUBAI International Furniture Fair)
7. HENFA Ironware Manufacture CO.,LTD (Shunde ,Foshan City)
(Nov 2005 The 25th (FRANCE) PAIRS International Building Material and Equipment Fair (BATIMAT) )
8. ZHIHAO Furniture CO., LTD (Shunde ,Foshan city)
(APR 2005 COLOGNE (GERMANY) International Woodworking Machine and Furniture Accessories Fair  (INTERZUM) )
9. JINFULI Furniture CO.,LTD ( Paisha ,Longjiang, Shunde, foshan city)
(APR 2005  COLOGNE (GERMANY) International Woodworking Machine and Furniture Accessories Fair  (INTERZUM) )
10. ZHONGTAI ZHIYE Furniture CO., LTD (Shunde ,Foshan city)
(APR 2005 COLOGNE (GERMANY) International Woodworking Machine and Furniture Accessories Fair  (INTERZUM) )
11. OUYASHI Illumination Electric Apparatus CO., LTD (Shunde ,Foshan city)
(Nov 2005 ARGENTINA International Illuminate and Building Material Fair(light+building) )
12. HENXIN Hardware Product Factory ( Daliang, Shunde ,Foshan city)
(Nov 2005 the 25th (FRANCE) PAIRS International Building Material and Equipment Fair (BATIMAT) )
13. WANXIONG Kitchenware Manufacture CO.,LTD (Zhongshan city)
(middle-east dubai ineternational home appliance and home houseware fair(housewear and hometech) )
14. DIRI Electric CO.,LTD (Shunde ,Foshan city)
(the 2nd China product (Bombay of India) )
15. Ideal Sanitary Ware CO.,LTD (Shunde ,Foshan city)
((Nov 2005 the 25th (France ) Pairs International Building Material and Equipment Fair (BATIMAT) )
16. Clipley Electrical Industrial CO., LTD (Shunde ,Foshan city)
(the 2nd China product (Bombay of India) )
We took part in Marketing Promotion Project of the Supplier of U.N Purchase which organized by Shunde Government on Mar 2005.Up till now, we have successfully helped 250 enterprises register in the global market system. Hereinafter take 25 of them for reference:

1. Hualun Textile Industrial CO., LTD (Guangdong)
2. Baishun Electric CO., LTD(Leliu,Shunde,Foshan city)
3. Huarun Electric Manufacture CO., LTD( Shunde ,Foshan city)
4. Yide Electric Appliance CO.,LTD (Shunde ,Foshan city)
5. Keneng Industrial Company CO.,LTD (Shunde ,Foshan city)
6. Qiao Electric CO.,LTD (Shunde ,Foshan city)
7. Donlin Electric CO.,LTD (Leliu,Shunde,Foshan city)
8. Baoliya Aluminum and Plastic Complex Material CO.,LTD (Shunde ,Foshan city)
9. Xinbao Electrical Equipment CO., LTD (Shunde ,Foshan city)
10. Clipley Electrical Industrial CO., LTD (Shunde ,Foshan city)
11. Croso Electrical Industrial CO., LTD (Shunde ,Foshan city)
12. Songye Electrical Appliance Manufacture CO., LTD (Guangdong)
13. Baotian Furniture CO., LTD (Shunde ,Foshan city)
14. Henye Furniture CO.,LTD(Shunde ,Foshan city)
15. Benbang Electrical CO., LTD(Shunde ,Foshan city)
16. Xiangye CO., LTD(Shunde ,Foshan city)
17. Henguang Electrical Appliance CO.,LTD (Shunde ,Foshan city)
18. Jinli Electric CO., LTD (Guangdong)
19. Jian’s Household Electrical Appliances Manufactory (Shunde ,Foshan city)
20. Junye Electric CO., LTD (Shunde ,Foshan city)
21. Damin Enterprise Groud CO., LTD (Shunde ,Foshan city)
22. Fuland Chemical CO., LTD (Shunde ,Foshan city)
23. Huakang Ironware Electric CO.,LTD (Shunde ,Foshan city)
24. China –Forever Electric CO., LTD(Shunde ,Foshan city)
25. Tongan Woodworking Machinery Manufacture (Shunde ,Foshan city)
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